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List of Usernames and IPs to be checked or blocked. Use the examples below as a guideline to listing IPs or registered users.

If the user or IP is not an obvious vandal or spambot, please use Report:Vandalism and provide us with an explanation of the user's actions, this helps in our attempts to understand the situation and clean up where appropriate.

VSTF does not do CheckUser requests, please contact Wikia Staff instead.

Users/IPs needing checked


Multilookup and MWF crosswiki cleanup for all IPs, including any accounts. Check to see if not yet blocked then don't forget to multidelete the IP talk pages/message walls after cleaning everything up to save a LOT of time later if the IP is ever re-used.

IPs with more than 50 wikis

IPs with less than 50 wikis


New spam IPs (not VSTF blocked)



Global vandal: This user has an obvious history of removing large sections of content for no justifiable reason on this Wiki. Additionally - and less obvious unless you know something about the Wiki's topic - the same user repeatedly changed content to false, personally concocted, utterly nonsensical information on that same Wiki.

I used Google to look at user's modus operandi elsewhere, searching as RyanTheGrif17, and searching for user name prior to account-name change (formerly Ryan Griffin265878)

Now I don't know enough about these topics in order to discern when the user is making up complete nonsense to insert; but the usual response from other admins and editors has been pretty consistent:

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