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Please add to this list if you believe a wiki violates Wikia's terms of use.

  1. Do not use this page to report duplicate wikis.
  2. Do not add wikis just because you feel that they are "unproductive." This list is for Terms of Use violations only -- advertisement spam, harassment wikis, or obscene and illegal content.
  3. Do not add wikis where you feel the administrators are being unfair. Please contact Staff about bad admins.
  4. New entries may be added to the non-VSTF checked section only. Check to ensure you are not duplicating an entry already there.
  5. The syntax is {{badwiki|name|reason}} with name being the part of the url before (eg, avatar in

Report possible Terms of Use violation Wikis here:

Wikis to be closed (VSTF checked)

Spam (over 10 pages)

Hate/Vandalism wikis

Other ToU issues

Spam wikis

  1. close me detoxificationcentetemple Wiki reason: spam
  2. close me drugaddictioncounselorcentraletexas Wiki reason: spam
  3. close me drugaddictionecoveryprogram Wiki reason: spam
  4. close me ssgpower Wiki reason: spam
  5. close me pharmaceutical-jobs-in-usa Wiki reason: spam
  6. close me sas-clinical-programmer-jobs-in-usa Wiki reason: spam
  7. close me family-vacation-home-rentals Wiki reason: spam
  8. close me xtraordinary-photos-video Wiki reason: spam

New reports (To be VSTF checked)

  1. close me id.metalheroes Wiki reason: plagiarised images and templates from w:c:metalheroes without attribution; main editor/admin (CallMe232) has just been globally blocked for being underage and the only other admin/b'crat has zero edits, having apparently been promoted without ever visiting that wiki. There are no active editors now.
  2. close me the-official-jiggmins-village Wiki reason: offensive content and harrassment of other wikia users
  3. close me revivedsierracanal Wiki reason: Revived Wikia of a closed hate Wikia which had many bad pages of users badmouthing them
  4. close me worldofwhorecraftthefantasyslavegame Wiki reason: Inappropriate topic
  5. close me burn-off-fat-by-natural-means-and-turn-lean Wiki reason: Advertisement/spam
  6. close me cassarigroup Wiki reason: Advertisement/spam
  7. close me tenantscreeningserviec Wiki reason: Advertisement/spam
  8. close me dubaiproperty Wiki reason: Advertisement/spam
  9. close me nationalboardofboilersandpressurevesselinspector Wiki reason: Advertisement/spam
  10. close me wikineighbors Wiki reason: Inappropriate topic
  11. close me teendrugtrcatmentt Wiki reason: Advertisement/spam
  12. close me bra-pic Wiki reason: Borderline inappropriate
  13. close me financialadvisoralexandri Wiki reason: Advertisement/spam
  14. close me my-password Wiki reason: ?!
  15. close me guy4nakedguy Wiki reason: Inappropriate topic
  16. close me sexydresses Wiki reason: Advertisement
  17. close me escorts-in-houston Wiki reason: Inappropriate topic
  18. close me cheesyanimation Wiki reason: Advertisement/spam
  19. close me get-cleaned-with-natural-weight-loss Wiki reason: Advertisement/spam
  20. close me clinicalhypnotherapmanchester Wiki reason: Advertisement/spam
  21. close me slim-with-raspberry-ketone Wiki reason: Advertisement/spam
  22. close me mobile-phone-screen-protectors Wiki reason: Advertisement/spam
  23. close me mobile-screen-protectors Wiki reason: Advertisement/spam
  24. close me fast-long-lasting-localized-pain-relief Wiki reason: Advertisement/spam
  25. close me teknovanza Wiki reason: Advertisement/spam
  26. close me removals-gold-coast Wiki reason: Advertisement/spam
  27. close me cheap-moves Wiki reason: Advertisement/spam
  28. close me best-body-building-supplement-for-all Wiki reason: Advertisement/spam
  29. close me tori30nate Wiki reason: Advertisement/spam
  30. close me cliche-minneapolis Wiki reason: Advertisement/spam
  31. close me condom-sense-texas Wiki reason: Advertisement/spam
  32. close me sweet-life-studios Wiki reason: Advertisement/Spam
  33. close me weightlosteating01 Wiki reason: Advertisement/spam
  34. close me short-property-sales Wiki reason: Advertisement/spam
  35. close me advantage-computer-resources Wiki reason: advertisement
  36. close me counseling-in-vancouver Wiki reason: advertisement
  37. close me the-worth-of-individual-counseling-vancouver Wiki reason: advertisement
  38. close me gsdfgdsfhsdjd Wiki reason: spam
  39. close me ipix-cinema Wiki reason: advertisement
  40. close me khanpeer934 Wiki reason: advertisement
  41. close me khanpeer Wiki reason: advertisement
  42. close me commercial-window-cleaning Wiki reason: advertisement
  43. close me solicitors-in-london Wiki reason: advertisement
  44. close me trypremiumpureforskolin Wiki reason: advertisement
  45. close me body-fitness-exercises Wiki reason: advertisement
  46. close me lipo13 Wiki reason: advertisement
  47. close me lipo-13 Wiki reason: advertisement
  48. close me todayspatio14 Wiki reason: advertisement
  49. close me the-roomstoretheroomstore05 Wiki reason: advertisement
  50. close me lose-weight-and-look-gorgeous Wiki reason: advertisement
  51. close me ideal-life-hypnotherapy Wiki reason: advertisement
  52. close me ecig-reviews Wiki reason: advertisement
  53. close me clever-closet-company Wiki reason: advertisement
  54. close me how-to-spy-on-iphone-with-keylogger-for-iphone Wiki reason: advertisement
  55. close me visit-jackson-tennessee Wiki reason: advertisement
  56. close me quoteyou Wiki reason: advertisement
  57. close me gokufanboysuck Wiki reason: spam
  58. close me iphone-repair-toronto Wiki reason: advertisement
  59. close me high-tech-safety Wiki reason: advertisement
  60. close me soil-testing-lab-equipments Wiki reason: advertisement
  61. close me theroomstore14 Wiki reason: advertisement
  62. close me teamwindowclean Wiki reason: advertisement
  63. close me window-cleaning-online Wiki reason: advertisement
  64. close me soy-wax-candles Wiki reason: advertisement
  65. close me how-to-download-optifine-minecraft-179 Wiki reason: advertisement
  66. close me air-conditioning-service-phoenix Wiki reason: advertisement
  67. close me cras-conservatory-of-recording-arts-and-sciences Wiki reason: advertisement
  68. close me unlock-her-legs-pdf Wiki reason: advertisement
  69. close me poseidon-restaurant Wiki reason: advertisement
  70. close me substenceabusclak Wiki reason: advertisement
  71. close me suburbansecur Wiki reason: advertisement
  72. close me wyson-financial Wiki reason: advertisement
  73. close me speedydeletion Wiki reason: advertisement
  74. close me zainakhan Wiki reason: advertisement/inappropriate
  75. close me manuelpiar Wiki reason: advertisement
  76. close me burn-fat-quick-with-supplement Wiki reason: advertisement
  77. close me anonymous-texting Wiki reason: advertisement
  78. close me phoenix-heat-pump Wiki reason: advertisement
  79. close me weight-loss-experment Wiki reason: advertisement
  80. close me teendrugtrectmenttexa Wiki reason: advertisement
  81. close me seo-company-in-delhi Wiki reason: advertisement
  82. close me zahnprothetik Wiki reason: advertisement
  83. close me counselingbatonrou Wiki reason: advertisement
  84. close me augustus3gus Wiki reason: advertisement
  85. close me kerodyer Wiki reason: advertisement
  86. close me vanillababyaustralia Wiki reason: advertisement
  87. close me augustine4ue Wiki reason: advertisement
  88. close me pb-bell-vista-sureno Wiki reason: advertisement
  89. close me building-inspection-cairns Wiki reason: advertisement
  90. close me shower-screens-brisbane Wiki reason: advertisement
  91. close me lab-temperature-monitor Wiki reason: advertisement
  92. close me whittens-fine-jewelry Wiki reason: advertisement
  93. close me adolescentdrugtmenttexa Wiki reason: advertisement
  94. close me augustina1aa Wiki reason: advertisement
  95. close me the-roomstorearizonaroomstore14 Wiki reason: advertisement
  96. close me explanimate Wiki reason: advertisement
  97. close me phytoceramideskincare Wiki reason: advertisement
  98. close me buy-pool-table Wiki reason: advertisement
  99. close me nature-fits-colon-cleanse Wiki reason: advertisement
  100. close me cloud-nine-care-bangalore Wiki reason: advertisement
  101. close me web-development-auckland Wiki reason: advertisement
  102. close me ideal-life-hypnotherapy Wiki reason: advertisement
  103. close me roomstore Wiki reason: advertisement
  104. close me bear-paddle-swim-school-clubhouse-woodward Wiki reason: advertisement
  105. close me top-content-center Wiki reason: advertisement
  106. close me visaliaeye14 Wiki reason: advertisement
  107. close me tpmedical Wiki reason: advertisement
  108. close me auguste4ge Wiki reason: advertisement
  109. close me aclimatar-el-hogar Wiki reason: advertisement
  110. close me casilusozu Wiki reason: advertisement
  111. close me westhill-property-consulting-tips Wiki reason: advertisement
  112. close me citas-picantes Wiki reason: advertisement
  113. close me augusta1ua Wiki reason: advertisement
  114. close me toner-impresora Wiki reason: advertisement
  115. close me anti-goanimate Wiki reason: hate
  116. close me aobo-filter-for-mac Wiki reason: advertisement
  117. close me green-pea-salon Wiki reason: advertisement
  118. close me tedxironwoodstateprison Wiki reason: advertisement
  119. close me putin-is-gay Wiki reason: innappropriate
  120. close me indianapolisduilawyer Wiki reason: advertisement
  121. close me cc-teaching-learning-model Wiki reason: advertisement
  122. close me Wiki reason: advertisement
  123. close me es.bailes-tipicos-del-caribe Wiki reason: advertisement
  124. close me nrp-process-manual Wiki reason: advertisement (though the founder deleted the main page, leaving the wiki empty)
  125. close me latest-released-online-movies Wiki reason: Advertisement spam
  126. close me watchgodzillaonline Wiki reason: Advertisement spam (though only the main page has been renamed. However, it is in the same line of spammers as all the other "watch this".
  127. close me torontoescorts Wiki reason: escort spam
  128. close me ottawaescorts Wiki reason: escort spam
  129. close me detoxificationcentertempl Wiki reason: spam
  130. close me websitedevelopment Wiki reason: spam
  131. close me detoxificationtreatmen Wiki reason: spam
  132. close me designer-ladies-jeans Wiki reason: spam
  133. close me lily-denim-zipped-skinny-jeans Wiki reason: spam
  134. close me uk-key-trends-and-opportunities Wiki reason: spam
  135. close me insight-report-investors-in-cards-and-payments Wiki reason: spam
  136. close me barclay7cy Wiki reason: spam
  137. close me nigerias-cards-and-payments-industry Wiki reason: spam
  138. close me drug-rehab-center Wiki reason: spam
  139. close me drugaddictioncounselorcentraltexa Wiki reason: spam
  140. close me its-time-to-look-what-you-actually-are Wiki reason: spam
  141. close me edgeoftomorrowmoviefree Wiki reason: spam
  142. close me istikharaforlovemarriage Wiki reason: spam
  143. close me child-abuse-and-neglectmiss-hibbert Wiki reason: spam
  144. close me pt-br.imperador Wiki reason: spam
  145. close me real-love-spells Wiki reason: spam
  146. close me lost-love-spells-magic Wiki reason: spam
  147. close me immigration-in-zimbabwe Wiki reason: spam
  148. close me rubyroomhair Wiki reason: spam
  149. close me zimbabwes-affects-on-immigration Wiki reason: spam
  150. close me no-extra-bulges-around-waistline Wiki reason: spam
  151. close me the-best-supliment Wiki reason: spam
  152. close me dwarkaexpressway Wiki reason: spam
  153. close me WatchMaleficentonlinefree Wiki reason: spam
  154. close me weight-losing Wiki reason: Advertisement/spam
  155. close me pretty-little-liars-season-5-episode-1 Wiki reason: Advertisement
  156. close me worldcupsocceronline Wiki reason: Advertisement
  157. close me teamwindowclean Wiki reason: Advertisement
  158. close me ja.wholesalejp Wiki reason: Advertisement
  159. close me ja.shopping4jplaser Wiki reason: Advertisement
  160. close me ja.shopping4jp Wiki reason: Advertisement
  161. close me Tanzim Wiki reason: spam
  162. close me officersquidward Wiki reason: hate, inappropriate language
  163. close me assblasters Wiki reason: inappropriate title
  164. close me paradisekongregate Wiki reason: offensive content/harrassment
  165. close me holidayhindimovie Wiki reason: Spam
  166. close me foodandmore Wiki reason: Spam
  167. close me reading-body-language Wiki reason: Spam
  168. close me beauty-various-forms-and-types Wiki reason: Spam
  169. close me financial-advisor Wiki reason: Spam
  170. close me watch-portugal-vs-ghana-live-streaming Wiki reason: Spam
  171. close me watch-portugal-vs-ghana-live-stream Wiki reason: Spam
  172. close me the-newest-way-to-body-detoxification Wiki reason: Spam
  173. close me treadmill-service-perth Wiki reason: Spam
  174. close me baolongplus Wiki reason: Spam
  175. close me pisos-compartidos-madrid Wiki reason: Spam
  176. close me bowie4weo Wiki reason: Spam
  177. close me home-renovations Wiki reason: Spam
  178. close me boyce4yeo Wiki reason: Spam
  179. close me leonardlian Wiki reason: Spam
  180. close me aluminium-privacy-screens Wiki reason: Spam
  181. close me pre-jym Wiki reason: Spam
  182. close me bowen7wne Wiki reason: Spam
  183. close me borka1rak Wiki reason: Spam
  184. close me cash4columbushomes Wiki reason: Spam
  185. close me boris3rsi Wiki reason: Spam
  186. close me ericlee Wiki reason: Spam
  187. close me dallasmvaattorney Wiki reason: Spam
  188. close me boost-overall-health-now Wiki reason: Spam
  189. close me ideal-lending-solutions Wiki reason: Spam
  190. close me skin-faacwe12 Wiki reason: Spam
  191. close me charlesnelson Wiki reason: Spam
  192. close me borg6rgo Wiki reason: Spam
  193. close me borden75n Wiki reason: Spam
  194. close me booth6oht Wiki reason: Spam
  195. close me dreamecig Wiki reason: Spam
  196. close me bradford53d Wiki reason: Spam
  197. close me fernando51o Wiki reason: Spam
  198. close me laser-eye-surgery9 Wiki reason: Spam
  199. close me cyber-market-advanced-technologies Wiki reason: Spam
  200. close me learning-management-systems-lms-market Wiki reason: Spam
  201. close me suzanne32cd Wiki reason: Spam
  202. close me indianweddingplanner Wiki reason: Spam
  203. close me website-design-jaipur Wiki reason: Spam
  204. close me brad4bdr Wiki reason: Spam
  205. close me alicia36dy Wiki reason: Spam
  206. close me william95et Wiki reason: Spam
  207. close me building-lean-muscle-mass Wiki reason: Spam
  208. close me boyd4ybo Wiki reason: Spam
  209. close me quality-sunglasses Wiki reason: Spam
  210. close me andrea01ai Wiki reason: Spam
  211. close me samuel01ai Wiki reason: Spam
  212. close me brady7ayr Wiki reason: Spam
  213. close me janice01ai Wiki reason: Spam
  214. close me greenvilleduilawyer Wiki reason: Spam
  215. close me nakedcelebrities Wiki reason: Inappropriate topic, has had pornography uploaded before
  216. close me have-a-singular-sexual-expertise-with-testo-xl Wiki reason: Spam
  217. close me onlinejobsinhome Wiki reason: Spam
  218. close me emcodisplays Wiki reason: Spam
  219. close me bonny7oyb Wiki reason: Spam
  220. close me wedding-anniversary-gift Wiki reason: Spam
  221. close me bonnie04n Wiki reason: Spam
  222. close me fitness-equipment-review Wiki reason: Spam
  223. close me andrew01ai Wiki reason: Spam
  224. close me bonne4neo Wiki reason: Spam
  225. close me sailing-in-goa Wiki reason: Spam
  226. close me myfinancialhelpp Wiki reason: Spam
  227. close me carla48ss Wiki reason: Spam
  228. close me bonita19a Wiki reason: Spam
  229. close me joseph01ai Wiki reason: Spam
  230. close me diabetes-and-sensitivity-issues-health-product Wiki reason: Spam
  231. close me best-weight-loss-hypnosis-at-karen-dess Wiki reason: Spam
  232. close me hair-extension-tool-babiface Wiki reason: Spam
  233. close me evanston-plumbing-services Wiki reason: Spam
  234. close me glass-handrails Wiki reason: Spam
  235. close me boniface4f Wiki reason: Spam
  236. close me colleen84dd Wiki reason: Spam
  237. close me willie01ai Wiki reason: Spam
  238. close me acupuncture-brentwood Wiki reason: Spam
  239. close me rubbish-removal-sydney Wiki reason: Spam
  240. close me gavin837dale Wiki reason: Spam
  241. close me bond4ndb Wiki reason: Spam
  242. close me martialartstoronto Wiki reason: Spam
  243. close me swimwear8 Wiki reason: Spam
  244. close me daniel01ai Wiki reason: Spam
  245. close me bonaventure4t Wiki reason: Spam
  246. close me hot-yoga-redondo-beach Wiki reason: Spam
  247. close me hemorrhoidtreatment Wiki reason: Spam
  248. close me tubep Wiki reason: Spam
  249. close me bona1oan Wiki reason: Spam
  250. close me deanna01ai Wiki reason: Spam
  251. close me bogart66t Wiki reason: Spam
  252. close me best-indianasian-caterers-in-london Wiki reason: Spam
  253. close me bobby7bob Wiki reason: Spam
  254. close me vickie01ai Wiki reason: Spam
  255. close me drugaddictionrehebtemple Wiki reason: Spam
  256. close me teresa01ai Wiki reason: Spam
  257. close me bobbie46e Wiki reason: Spam
  258. close me tracey01ai Wiki reason: Spam
  259. close me brittany64ff Wiki reason: Spam
  260. close me mattie01ai Wiki reason: Spam
  261. close me ver-television-en Wiki reason: Spam
  262. close me waysmedia63 Wiki reason: Spam
  263. close me kc-web-specialists Wiki reason: Spam
  264. close me bracha1cah Wiki reason: Spam
  265. close me make-your-body-healthy-and-powerful Wiki reason: Spam
  266. close me elsie57ce Wiki reason: Spam
  267. close me high-figh-result-with-strong-muscle-take-one-time Wiki reason: Spam
  268. close me tyrone01ai Wiki reason: Spam
  269. close me travel-and-tourism-in-indonesia Wiki reason: Spam
  270. close me swimwear5 Wiki reason: Spam
  271. close me seasonhotelaundh Wiki reason: Spam
  272. close me the-great-merigrock Wiki reason: Spam and false info
  273. close me weegee-paints Wiki reason: Spam and nonsense
  274. close me albert01ai Wiki reason: Spam
  275. close me 24quba Wiki reason: Spam
  276. close me bram9rma Wiki reason: Spam
  277. close me gladys01ai Wiki reason: Spam
  278. close me braima1aai Wiki reason: Spam
  279. close me bran7bnr Wiki reason: Spam
  280. close me helps-you-get-a-healthy-and-fit-body Wiki reason: Spam
  281. close me seamlessguttering Wiki reason: Spam
  282. close me brand4bda Wiki reason: Spam
  283. close me optical-express5 Wiki reason: Spam
  284. close me las-vegas-alterations Wiki reason: Spam
  285. close me best-medicine-for-fat-burner Wiki reason: Spam
  286. close me lifecell-skin Wiki reason: Spam
  287. close me restaurantswithawaterjerseyshore Wiki reason: Spam
  288. close me brandie48e Wiki reason: Spam
  289. close me waterfrontrestaurentsjerseyshore Wiki reason: Spam
  290. close me branda1rar Wiki reason: Spam
  291. close me medicaid-fraud-lawyer Wiki reason: Spam
  292. close me which-herbalife-slimming-product Wiki reason: Spam
  293. close me las-vegas-bridal-gown-services Wiki reason: Spam
  294. close me steakandseafoodrestaurentsjerseyshore Wiki reason: Spam
  295. close me lorenafelds Wiki reason: Spam
  296. close me wheretofindawedd Wiki reason: Spam
  297. close me recovery321 Wiki reason: Spam
  298. close me freskiagwnia Wiki reason: Spam
  299. close me rakhi-bajaj Wiki reason: Spam
  300. close me bestbreakfastatethejerseyshore Wiki reason: Spam
  301. close me bigrock-coupon Wiki reason: Spam
  302. close me es.guarradas Wiki reason: Inappropriate topic and title
  303. close me very-ultimate-mario-fanon Wiki reason: Spam
  304. close me asherisartard Wiki reason: Hate
  305. close me awesome-fat-reducer-great-body Wiki reason: Spam
  306. close me itv-hd-jerzy-janowicz-vs-tommy-robredo Wiki reason: Spam
  307. close me josephnater Wiki reason: Hate
  308. close me luxe-smile-family-in-marshfield Wiki reason: spam
  309. close me best-supplement-for-fat-burner Wiki reason: Spam
  310. close me measurement-the-benefits-of-this-supplement Wiki reason: Spam
  311. close me metabolism-so-catch-we-have-to-start Wiki reason: Spam
  312. close me recovery-restart Wiki reason: Spam
  313. close me packersmovers626 Wiki reason: Spam
  314. close me brede4red Wiki reason: Spam
  315. close me breckin7enk Wiki reason: Spam
  316. close me body-fitness-for-men Wiki reason: Spam
  317. close me slim125 Wiki reason: Spam
  318. close me done-rightconstruction Wiki reason: Spam
  319. close me breanna15n Wiki reason: Spam
  320. close me brazil9zlz Wiki reason: Spam
  321. close me manifest-wealth-online Wiki reason: Spam
  322. close me brazil-vs-chile-11-highlights-penalties-32-goals Wiki reason: Spam
  323. close me tax-fraudlawyer Wiki reason: Spam
  324. close me tessdsd Wiki reason: Spam
  325. close me seasonallaboursolution Wiki reason: Spam
  326. close me list-of-useful-anti-cancer-drugs-online Wiki reason: Spam
  327. close me alphafuelxt Wiki reason: Spam
  328. close me alpha-cut-hd-muscle Wiki reason: Spam
  329. close me market-research-company Wiki reason: Spam
  330. close me drugaddictionprogramcentraltexas Wiki reason: Spam
  331. close me bawainternationalhotel Wiki reason: Spam
  332. close me conradfincha Wiki reason: Spam
  333. close me sonsheilds Wiki reason: Spam
  334. close me drive-thru-pressure-washing-houston Wiki reason: Spam
  335. close me get-ripped-and-chiseled Wiki reason: Spam
  336. close me annaifurniture Wiki reason: Spam
  337. close me construction-in-morocco Wiki reason: Spam
  338. close me conradfinch Wiki reason: Spam
  339. close me support-your-body-diet-ultima Wiki reason: Spam
  340. close me software-testing-courses-in-noida Wiki reason: Spam
  341. close me kocintoklaboratuvar Wiki reason: Spam
  342. close me drcoser98 Wiki reason: Spam
  343. close me best-safe-makers Wiki reason: Spam
  344. close me rubbish-removal-services Wiki reason: Spam
  345. close me packagingsupplies Wiki reason: Spam
  346. close me buy-treadmill Wiki reason: Spam
  347. close me best-formula-which-makes-your-skin-youthful Wiki reason: Spam
  348. close me skin-care-fitness Wiki reason: Spam
  349. close me jeremydiamondlaw Wiki reason: Spam
  350. close me diet-ultima12 Wiki reason: Spam
  351. close me skincareandsexybeauty Wiki reason: Spam
  352. close me widescreen82 Wiki reason: Spam
  353. close me laser-hair-restoration Wiki reason: Spam
  354. close me widescreen57 Wiki reason: Spam
  355. close me onlinetrainershub Wiki reason: Spam
  356. close me catering-italian-food Wiki reason: Spam
  357. close me every-girl-dream-muscluer-body-building-boy-friend Wiki reason: Spam
  358. close me individualvoluntaryarrangement Wiki reason: Spam
  359. close me shiprocketcompany Wiki reason: Spam
  360. close me shiprocketstore Wiki reason: Spam
  361. close me web-crawling-services Wiki reason: Spam
  362. close me drilling-fluids-drilling-mud-market Wiki reason: Spam
  363. close me tone-down-your-belly Wiki reason: Spam
  364. close me precision-farming-market Wiki reason: Spam
  365. close me plumbing-sydney Wiki reason: Spam
  366. close me choosing-the-best-women-fitness-cleanse-ultima Wiki reason: Spam
  367. close me acorn-window-cleaning Wiki reason: Spam
  368. close me crescer-mais-rapido-e-naturalmente Wiki reason: Spam
  369. close me nourish-and-rejuvenate-your-skin Wiki reason: Spam
  370. close me caymanproperty Wiki reason: Spam
  371. close me louise01bi Wiki reason: Spam
  372. close me buy-instagram-followers-cheap Wiki reason: Spam
  373. close me therapy-century-city Wiki reason: Spam
  374. close me caymanislandsproperty Wiki reason: Spam
  375. close me audrey01bi Wiki reason: Spam
  376. close me yoga-teacher-los-angeles Wiki reason: Spam
  377. close me seniorcaresantamonica Wiki reason: Spam
  378. close me huonglamphotocopy Wiki reason: Spam
  379. close me weight-lose-with-natural-vitamins Wiki reason: Spam
  380. close me jennie01bi Wiki reason: Spam
  381. close me realestateincaymanislands Wiki reason: Spam
  382. close me caymanrealestate Wiki reason: Spam
  383. close me healthy-and-beautiful-skin-bellavei Wiki reason: Spam
  384. close me minnie01bi Wiki reason: Spam
  385. close me caymanislandsreealestate Wiki reason: Spam
  386. close me i-could-start-by-more-for-them-trainer Wiki reason: Spam
  387. close me cheyney-group-design-and-development-minervespamsy Wiki reason: Spam
  388. close me brent6rtn Wiki reason: Spam
  389. close me brennan17na Wiki reason: Spam
  390. close me brenna1ean Wiki reason: Spam
  391. close me this-is-best-weight-loss-supplement Wiki reason: Spam
  392. close me this-powerful-has-natural-base-compounds Wiki reason: Spam
  393. close me total-colon-detoxification-is-done Wiki reason: Spam
  394. close me maxchallengecoins Wiki reason: Spam
  395. close me brendan71ra Wiki reason: Spam
  396. close me maxchallengecoin Wiki reason: Spam
  397. close me melbournequickremoval Wiki reason: Spam
  398. close me brenda1bar Wiki reason: Spam
  399. close me alpha-fuel-xt Wiki reason: Spam
  400. close me mmorpggold Wiki reason: Spam
  401. close me brend4der Wiki reason: Spam
  402. close me crazymass05 Wiki reason: Spam
  403. close me bridget6rgd Wiki reason: Spam
  404. close me brick8ikc Wiki reason: Spam
  405. close me get-ready-to-look-slim-and-healthy Wiki reason: Spam
  406. close me briar14br Wiki reason: Spam
  407. close me brice44ie Wiki reason: Spam
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