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Please add to this list if you believe a wiki violates Wikia's terms of use.

  1. Do not use this page to report duplicate wikis.
  2. Do not add wikis just because you feel that they are "unproductive." This list is for Terms of Use violations only -- advertisement spam, harassment wikis, or obscene and illegal content.
  3. Do not add wikis where you feel the administrators are being unfair. Please contact Staff about bad admins.
  4. New entries may be added to the non-VSTF checked section only. Check to ensure you are not duplicating an entry already there.
  5. The syntax is {{badwiki|name|reason}} with name being the part of the url before (eg, avatar in

Report possible Terms of Use violation Wikis here:

Wikis to be closed (VSTF checked)

Spam (over 10 pages)

Hate/Vandalism wikis

Other ToU issues

  1. close me dickbutt-assfarts Wiki reason: URL/Content
  2. close me boris Wiki reason: Content

Spam wikis

  1. close me collegefootballlive Wiki reason: spam
  2. close me ifra-khan Wiki reason: spam
  3. close me movieviozz Wiki reason: spam
  4. close me bikerdating Wiki reason: spam
  5. close me drmremoval Wiki reason: spam

New reports (To be VSTF checked)

  1. close me ru.mcombat Wiki reason: Unparliamentary language/obscene content

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