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Please add to this list if you believe a wiki violates FANDOM's Terms of Use.

  1. Do not use this page to report duplicate wikis.
  2. Do not add wikis just because you feel that they are "unproductive." This list is for Terms of Use violations only -- advertisement spam, harassment wikis, or obscene and illegal content.
  3. Do not add wikis where you feel the administrators are being unfair. Please contact Staff about bad admins.
  4. New entries may be added to the non-VSTF checked section only. Check to ensure you are not duplicating an entry already there.
  5. To add a report please click on the button below and follow the instructions.

Report possible Terms of Use violation wikis here:

Wikis to be closed (VSTF checked)

Staff assessment

Spam (over 10 pages)

Hate/Vandalism wikis

Other ToU issues

Spam wikis

  1. close me 2ksupp0rtnumber Wiki reason: spam
  1. close me assisted-living-facility Wiki reason: spam
  2. close me auburnvsflorida Wiki reason: spam
  1. close me caravanwarhackcheats Wiki reason: spam
  2. close me cheap-car-insurance-victorville-ca Wiki reason: spam
  1. close me dumpstergirlllc Wiki reason: spam
  1. close me hackdomino99 Wiki reason: spam
  2. close me hotmail-login Wiki reason: spam
  1. close me infogameonline Wiki reason: spam
  1. close me logitechsupp0rt1 Wiki reason: spam
  2. close me low-profile-box-spring Wiki reason: spam
  1. close me paperforsell Wiki reason: spam
  1. close me resume-template Wiki reason: spam
  1. close me testx-core Wiki reason: spam
  1. close me webcreativeall Wiki reason: spam

New reports (To be VSTF checked)

  1. close me lanadelrey Wiki reason: Adding pornograpghy, vandalizing wiki pages
  2. close me hollyoaksdating Wiki reason: spam
  3. close me krishna123 Wiki reason: spam
  4. close me gunsofgloryhackcheats Wiki reason: spam
  5. close me oil-expeller-screw-oil-press-machine Wiki reason: spam
  6. close me homescapesgamehackcheats Wiki reason: spam
  7. close me elite-probioticss Wiki reason: spam
  8. close me elite-probiotics Wiki reason: spam
  9. close me movfilx Wiki reason: spam
  10. close me watch-fifty-shades-freed-full-movie Wiki reason: spam
  11. close me strawberrymaster Wiki reason: Hi, I am here to report "Floyd's Testing Wikia" due to bullying of users. They write about a user called Stacy54 in this article, who was found to be underage and was globalled from wikia. This is bullying of a ten year old and is unacceptable. That's just one page out of many. Thanks for reading and I hope you consider my report. Thanks, Fester.
  12. close me hzrp Wiki reason: The owner of this wikia is using this platform to offense and insult the people he's making a wikia off, he's editing and locking the pages after adding lines of insults just so nobody could fix/edit them, should not have a wikia with this behavior.