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The VSTF utilize the CVN and their own channels with the help of IRC feed bots that pull edits directly from a wiki's recent changes. Here are examples of how to understand these bots:


WikiaRC is the primary way to spot spam or vandalism on Wikia's many wikis. See here for a list of commands.

The following are examples of how the bot can report bad edits that you should check:

Blanking Edit

User [[wikia:User:Shifty user]] page blank [[wikia:Main page]] (-6518) Diff:

No explanation needed really, needs a good ol' revert.

Large text removal Edit

User [[wikia:User:Foobar]] Large removal [[wikia:Main Page]] (-31501) Diff:

This is where a user or IP has removed a large amount of characters of a page, and may indicate section blanking or replacing a large amount of the page with undesired or offensive information.

Large text additions Edit

Whitelist [[simple:User:Random user]] Large edit [[wikia:User talk:Random user]] (+238) Diff:

User [[wikia:User:Foo]] Copyvio? [[wikia:Giant enemy crab]] (+2862) URL:

User [[wikia:User:Foo]] Possible gibberish? [[wikia:Warrior Skills]] (+15364) Diff: "/* Foobar */ "

This is the opposite of removal, and could be a user or IP that is copy/pasting a lot of random text or adding nonsense to the page that should be checked out.

Watched edit summaries Edit

User [[wikia:User:Charitest]] used edit summary "viagra" [[wikia:Forum:Index]] (+154) Diff: "buy cheap viagra"

This is pretty straightforward, most cases, is usually a sign the edits definitely need attending to.

Watched pages Edit

User [[wikia:User:Foo]] create containing watch word "Forum talk:Index" [[wikia:Forum talk:Index]] (+9) URL: "Created page with 'fasdfasfd'"

User [[wikia:User:Foo]] edited watched page [[wikia:Talk:Main Page]] (+334) Diff: "/* No advertisements */ "

Watched pages have been marked as such as they're usually potential targets for trouble (such as page move vandalism, blanking, or spam)

Flagged users Edit

There are a few types of lists you can assign users to define them as trusted or untrusted.
Someone marked as an admin is a user with global rights, such as Wikia staff, Helpers, or VSTF.
Someone on the blacklist has either been blocked on a Wikia wiki before, or has been manually added to the list because edits from that account or IP have been previously identified as spam or vandalism.
Someone on the whitelist is considered trusted. Channel operators may occasionally whitelist a well known user that often shows up on the feed, but whose edits are always considered "good".
A greylist happens automatically, for various reasons. A user could have triggered the exact same type of certain action several times, along with other factors that aren't really public to anyone but the bot owner. Greylisted edits should always be checked.

Guidelines for list management commands Edit

These guidelines apply to those who are voiced in #cvn-wikia, as they are able to edit the various lists on WikiaRC. If you have any questions, please ask a VSTF member.

  • Whitelist, greylist and blacklist (wl, gl and bl): feel free to edit. Since you are mainly the ones watching CVN, it makes sense that you can highlight or make users less prominent in the log.
  • Bot (bot): Usually you will bot actual bot accounts, please don't bot someone who is vandalising, don't bot someone who is flooding the CVN with a bunch of edits within a minute (e.g. renaming achievement badges should not be botted - they don't do it often). If it is not a bot, please set a duration (with a maximum duration of a month)
  • Admin (al): You can update this list if you are sure they are a global rights user who has left/retired, or joined.
  • Bad names, titles, edit summaries and the watchlist: feel free to edit. If you're testing a regex, please place a duration so that even if you forget that regex, it will expire.

Rappybot Edit

Rappybot is a CVN relay bot that sits in #wikia-vstf and relays information to available VSTF members. See here for a list of commands.

GeneralSpam Edit

GeneralSpam is a spam-detection bot that resides in #wikia-spam. See here for a list of commands.

The following are examples of how the bot can report possible spam edits that you should check:

COI 1 Edit

COI1 (0.58) [[User:Rappy 4187]] created with URL

COI 1's detection checks if the username of page creator matches the first link entered in his page. Check if this was indeed spam or not. The bot also checks all new thread creations in Discussions.

COI1 (0.58) [[User:]] created matching criteria: IP and title equals summary

COI1 also checks if the user is an IP and if the title matches the summary with great percentage.

COI 2 Edit

COI2 (0.58) [[User:Rappy 4187]] created wiki

COI2 checks all newwikis. If the username matches the new wiki's URL with a high match, it might be spam or just another user.

COI 3 Edit

COI3 (0.58) [[User:Rappy 4187]] created wiki with title Rappy 4187

COI3 checks if the wiki title matches the username with a high match. Similar to COI2.

COI 4 Edit

COI4 (!) [[User:Rappy 4187]] created with URL

COI4 keeps track of all newwikis for an hour. If there is a new link edited in a page or in a new page creation, it will give this line. This may be spam.

COI 5 Edit

1 Edit

COI5 (0.58, 1) [[User:Rappy 4187]] created matching filter #477

COI5, 1 uses a list of common spam phrases and regexes. It checks all new pages on Wikia and checks if the content exactly matches the spam phrases, or if it matches the regex. If it exactly matches, it will give a percentage. If it matches with regex, it will give !. This has a high chance of spam for filters under 400. The bot also checks all new thread creations and replies in Discussions.

2 Edit

COI5 (!, 2) [[User:Rappy 4187]] created with title banana, filter banana, #8

COI5, 2 checks if the created title matches a filter, and gives the index number for use with !check.

3 Edit

COI5 (!, 3) [[User:Rappy 4187]] created with summary banana, filter banana, #8

COI5, 3 checks if the created summary matches a filter, and gives the index number for use with !check.

4 Edit

COI5 (0.58, 4) [[User:Rappy 4187]] created with URL, filter rappy, #345

COI5, 4 checks if the URL matches a set of filters. The bot also checks all new thread creations and replies in Discussions.

COI 6 Edit

COI6 (!) [[User:Rappy 4187]] created with URL, main page created by [[User:Not a sock]]

COI6 checks all new talk page creation and if a link has been entered. This COI will give the talk page creator and the main page creator, as they both are likely to be spammers.